Why New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine for your future


NZCCM aims to provide the highest quality education in traditional Chinese medicine that is aligned with international standards. The new semester starts on 25th July 2017.

  • The NZCCM Bachelor degree is a logical and cost-effective programme that meets international and ACC requirements, and is based on the standard syllabus used in Chinese medicine colleges and universities in China.
  • We have pathways to further study, within NZCCM and to universities overseas. NZCCM also has formal affiliations with universities such as Zhejiang Chinese Medical Unversity in China.
  • International students with a qualification equivalent to level 7 or above are eligible to apply for RPL credit recognition up to a Maximum of 2/3 of the degree total: 240 credits for the three-year Bachelor of Health Science major Acupuncture or 320 credits for the four-year Bachelor of Health Science major in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine).
  • We have highly qualified teaching faculty and great teaching and learning resources.
  • The BHSc (CM) is a four year programme designed for students who wish to offer herbal medicine as well as Acupuncture.
  • The BHSc (ACU) allows graduate to become ACC accredited practitioners of traditional Acupuncture over three years, and competently open their own clinic or find work with an existing practice.
  • Students of a 3-year Acupuncture Degree can now add on one more year of Herbal Medicine study to complete a 4-year BHSc in Chinese Medicine.
  • The Acupuncture major explores the theory and practice of traditional Acupuncture as a profession, and prepares graduates to offer Chinese Acupuncture in contemporary and Western contexts.
  • Clinical Chinese Medicine is a major component of the NZCCM degree programme, taught by TCM specialists. The clinical practice is also supervised by highly qualified practitioners.
  • NZCCM students learn an authentic and holistic medical system that supports and promotes the balanced functioning of the individual.
  • The NZCCM Teaching Clinic provides highest standards in Hygiene and facilities for senior students to practice.
  • More and more people are moving toward holistic therapies. With its holistic approach, many people find that NZCCM Acupuncture produces deep and long-lasting results for them.
  • NZCCM have programs that are New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) accredited qualifications. We have an authentic training environment with top-quality facilities.
  • NZCCM is centrally located and well serviced by public transport.