Come and explore the language and culture of New Zealand’s major Asian business partner.


Take Your Pick of our Enjoyable Chinese Courses

The Confucius Institute offers courses in Chinese language (Mandarin) and culture at all levels, meeting all sorts of needs.These are run in conjunction with The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine for Continuing Education.

Language and Culture

Our classes are taken by award-winning teachers with an emphasis on practical and enjoyable learning.


Business Chinese

The Confucius Institute in Auckland can run Business Chinese classes at our premises or yours, tailored to your needs.


Calligraphy and Painting

These popular Chinese cultural classes are designed to be relaxing and fun.


One-on-One Tutoring

Individual tutoring is available at all levels from a teacher recommended by the Confucius Institute in Auckland.


HSK Preparation Courses

We run HSK Preparation Courses to help you achieve higher scores through intensive practice and training in exam-taking strategies.


World Class Teachers

Two teachers at the Confucius Institute in Auckland won awards from Hanban for their teaching.