Upon successful completion of your qualification you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony.  This is a time for your family and friends to celebrate and share in your achievement.  The ceremony is held at the College and followed by a shared lunch.

Graduates wishing to graduate in person are required to wear formal academic regalia.  Hireage will be arranged by the College and the cost from the supplier passed on to you.  Graduates need to pay prior to receiving the gown.

Graduates need to be aware that all outstanding fees and/or charges must be settled and any College property returned before you can receive your final academic results.  Such fees include library fines for overdue library books and College property includes locker keys and any library books you have on issue.  If there are any outstanding debts or any property not returned you may not be able to graduate until these matters are resolved.

Graduation Ceremonies:

Graduation for the February intake will be held in April and for the July intake will be held in October.

Graduate certificates are issued at the graduation ceremony.

Graduation April 2018