Car Parking


A reminder:

Car parking is only available for visitors, staff and patients.

NZCCM has 46 car parks available at its 321 Great South Road campus. These are primarily for patients and staff, so there is usually plenty of parking available for patients. Car parking is not provided for students at NZCCM except where illness, injury or special circumstances make this necessary. NZCCM regularly organises a towing company to remove unauthorised cars without notice. Students cannot park at NZCCM without first getting written permission from a senior NZCCM staff member.

This rule also applies during exams. If a student leaves a class during an exam to move his/her car, he/she will not be allowed to complete the exam. Whenever a student leaves the exam room, with or without permission, the lecturer will note this on the exam paper including the time and reason.

There is plenty of free public parking in streets nearby the college, including Wairakei Street and Williams Avenue.