Why study at NZCCM?


Our Qualifications are recognised and accepted not only in New Zealand but around the world.

The New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine (NZCCM) has been recognised worldwide as a reputable Tertiary Education Provider specialising in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) field. Our qualifications, approved and accredited by NZQA are taught in English only and recognised and accepted by many countries including all signatories of the “Lisbon Convention”. More than 50 institutes, universities and international professional organisations offering TCM programmes (from more than 30 countries) have visited NZCCM in Auckland and many of them have academic exchange programmes or activities with NZCCM.

Students at NZCCM gain not only complete, integrated TCM knowledge and skills but also an understanding of the latest developments in TCM therapies and techniques.

NZCCM develops TCM programmes which focus on developing students to competently practice high quality patient care and life-long learning. Our degree in Chinese Medicine is the first programme in New Zealand based on a Chinese University’s syllabus. It combines ancient fundamentals and traditional practices with recent refinements in authentic Chinese Medicine and adapts these to Western Medical Models using modern teaching methodologies.

The College Principal is a well-known TCM Master and a 5th generation disciple of Chen Lianfang, a famous imperial TCM Doctor in the Late Qing dynasty. Chen’s academic school is considered to be one of the important foundations of TCM by the Chinese Government. The Principal has introduced many new TCM developments to New Zealand such as abdominal acupuncture, navel acupuncture, I-Ching medicine theory and herbal treatment according to new pulse diagnosis methods.

Graduates of NZCCM have a wide range of understanding of TCM knowledge and gain skills that enable them to confidently and competently treat people by restoring the balance of human energy and functions and resolve medical conditions including some complex ones.


We were the first College in New Zealand to develop and offer the following qualifications:

  • A four-year Bachelor degree major in Chinese Medicine (Level 7) which contains Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine with authentic and advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge.
  • A three – year Bachelor degree major in Acupuncture (Level 7).
  • The New Zealand Diploma in Relaxation and Wellness Massage – Level 5
  • The New Zealand Diploma in Remedial Massage – Level 6

We are also the NZQA developer for the New Zealand Certificate in Chinese Medicine Health Maintenance (Level 4).

Our four-year degree programme has a coherent and cohesive delivery sequence. Students completing the three-year major in Acupuncture can continue to study one more year to complete the major in Chinese Medicine. Students enrolled in the four-year major in Chinese Medicine can gain the graduation certificate of BHSc (Acupuncture) after completing the first three years of study. This structure allows students to practice as ACC registered acupuncturists and accelerate their income-earning capacity to support further study.

The degree programme includes the subjects of TCM health preservation and enhancement, individual herbs and herbal formulae in the first three years to give students who major in Acupuncture a more comprehensive understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is not only good for their acupuncture practice but also helps their further herbal medicine study. Moreover, a number of specialised guest lectures introduce new developments in TCM so students can keep up with the current and wide range TCM knowledge and skill.

The programme is also designed for the development of blended learning modes where students have an ideal mix of face-to-face and self-study and are encouraged to develop critical thinking and self-study skills.

Clinic practice is a major component of the programme. Students are taken step by step from observation, to hands-on practice and then to independent practice under professional, experienced clinic supervisors. Students observe first-hand the effectiveness of their acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments and the wonderful results and benefits received by their patients. NZCCM students also observe and practice in local clinics and communities under supervision. This gives them the confidence and competencies required in terms of knowledge, skills and values to gain immediate employment.


NZCCM can offer credits for previous study. Students with overseas qualifications equivalent to Level 7 or above, are eligible to apply for APL credit recognition up to a maximum of 2/3 of credits of the degree. For example, a total 240 credits may be gained for the three-year BHSc (Acu) or 320 credits may be gained for the four-year BHSc (CM).


Employment opportunities

Graduates from our Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Acupuncture (three years) or Chinese Medicine (four years) are eligible to register with New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority Inc. (NZASA) and become Accident Compensation Corporation’s (ACC) registered acupuncturists. They can open their own clinic or be employed by an established practice. Graduates from our Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Chinese Medicine (four years) are also eligible to register with Acupuncture New Zealand (AcuNZ) and become ACC registered acupuncturists.

Graduates can also apply to be Registered Practitioners in Australia (four year programme), Canada and USA (three year or four year programmes) with conditions.

Graduates from the NZ Diploma in Relaxation and Wellness Massage (Level 5) and the NZ Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6) can become members of Massage NZ and open their own clinic or be employed by an established practice.

Immigration Opportunities

International students who graduate with our Bachelor Degree or Level 6 or Level 7 Diplomas are able to gain an open work visa and become eligible to apply for a Residence Visa under Skilled Category after they are employed.

Pathways to further study

Graduates from our Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine can enrol in Masters degree study within New Zealand or at overseas universities. We have a number of formal affiliations in place including one with the very prestigious Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in China.

Graduates from the NZ Diploma in Relaxation and Wellness Massage (Level 5) can continue study in our NZ Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6).

Graduates from the NZ Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6) are eligible to enrol in the Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy) at the New Zealand College of Massage.


Students at NZCCM are taught by passionate and committed faculty – staff who have been trained over a number of years at top Institutes or Universities and are supportive with the required knowledge, expertise and experience in their specialised field. Our staff are active in research and well-published in fields related to their courses.

A friendly, nurturing environment on campus and within classrooms supports our rigorous and demanding academic programmes and practical clinic sessions. Moodle, Facebook and WeChat are used as communication tools providing opportunities for teaching faculty and students to discuss any cases and exchange experiences. Our students feel comfortable, confident and happy when they study with us because we ensure they are well-equipped to succeed with knowledge, skills and high competency in clinical practice.


Our impressive, centrally located campus in Auckland is minutes away from restaurants, shopping centres and excellent transport links to the city and eastern and western suburbs.

Spread over three floors (including a ground level), the Campus has an Acupuncture Clinic with a student clinic learning centre, 11 treatment rooms and a Chinese Herb Dispensary (Open to members of the public). The Clinic is one of the best TCM clinics in Auckland attracting many public patients coming from throughout the city.

The College has many classrooms equipped with modern technology and resources, reading, study, student break-out areas, administrative offices, meeting rooms and a prayer room.

A large and bright Campus Library holds a wide range of books, journals, multimedia and electronic resources. Access to on-line journals, databases, learning management system and the internet is available. A fulltime qualified and experienced librarian is onsite to provide full support such as academic referencing and library information skills.


New Zealand citizens and permanent residents can apply for Student Loans and Allowances, subject to certain criteria. Our Student Services Team can provide assistance with applications to StudyLink if required.