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Key Information for Students

Special Offer :

The College offers Fees Free tuition to domestic students who enrol in NZCEL Level 4 English Language on an agreed pathway to enrolling in another level 5 or above programme the College offers. Domestic students not enrolled on a pathway enrolment pay the standard tuition fees.  Enrolment in this programme is now open for the next start date which is 15 February 2021. 

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This is a 20 week full time course intended for learners of English as an additional Language who are wishing to gain a qualification demonstrating competence in English Language sufficient for entry to level 5 and above tertiary study in New Zealand.

Graduates will have the language skills required to communicate independently and effectively in familiar and some less familiar situations with fluency and flexibility in everyday/social/community, workplace and/or academic English language contexts.  This qualification is at a level comparable to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B2.

This qualification allows the Aotearoa New Zealand community, employers and educational institutions to recognise the level at which the graduate can use English for academic purposes

Graduates of this qualification will have the English language skills to:

1. Understand main ideas and key supporting details of complex oral texts on familiar and sometimes unfamiliar topics.

2. Read and understand complex texts with a large degree of independence on familiar and sometimes unfamiliar topics.

3. Locate, organise and summarise important information in texts.

4. Speak with fluency and spontaneity to communicate with some degree of elaboration in a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

5. Write coherent texts appropriate to audience and purpose, with few linguistic errors in a range of text types, synthesising and evaluating information and arguments from a number of sources.

Successful completion of this course can enable the student to meet the English Language entry requirements for the Bachelor of Health Science degrees and the Diploma in Tuina (Level 7) at NZCCM and be considered for entry to other programmes offered at NZCCM (Auckland and on line Campus’s)