Further Study

Further Study


Zhejiang-Chinese-Medical-UniversityThe Bachelor’s degree is a pathway to further studies, such as a Master’s degree and PhD courses at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) and other universities. NZCCM has arranged this through a Memorandum of Understanding.

Graduates and current students of the NZCCM Bachelor of Health Science will be able  to transfer credits and transition into the international Bachelor and Master’s programmes with confidence. This is because New Zealand belongs to the Lisbon Convention which recognises best practice in tertiary qualifications amongst 50 member countries.

NZCCM students have the unique opportunity to gain qualifications from ZCMU and other universities that NZCCM is associated with which confer university degrees recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. A graduate of NZCCM’s three or four year Bachelor programme will receive all the foundation tuition required for the Chinese Universities Bachelor Degree Programme. Graduates may enrol into the Master’s degree programme at ZCMU and other Universities without an entry exam. Post-graduate Master’s and Doctorate programmes at the Zhejiang University and other universities offer outstanding teaching and research opportunities, as well as academic qualifications of high international standing. Further details can be provided by the College Principal.


NZCCM is able to organise a visit for senior students (who have completed the clinical practicum) to further practice at the hospital attached to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. This will be a four week practical programme. Please ask for more details from the Academic support staff. There is an additional cost.

NZCCM also has Memoranda of Understanding with these overseas universities: