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The 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM) 2016

Hosting this Congress is a great honour for the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine and for New Zealand.  It provided the more than 800 international delegates with the opportunity to participate in expert scholarly exchange of knowledge and as well the chance to see New Zealand and experience our unique culture and environment .  Feedback from delegates confirms  that this was a highly successful World Congress and the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine is proud to have had the opportunity of hosting such a premier world event and to have contributed a number of significant research and conference papers at the Congress .

The Congress theme was Embrace the past and step into the future – Chinese Medicine as a sustainable health system for the 21st Century

The 13th WCCM report:  

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Presentations by NZCCM teaching staff

Jessica Li Feng: Topic1Topic2


Susan.Wang:       Topic

Asmita.Patel:      Topic

Shirley.Cao:         Topic-1Topic-2

Jiaru.Tian:            Topic-1Topic-2

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