Bin Shi, PhD

TCM Practitioner/Lecturer/Clinical Supervisor/ACC Provider

He is a highly professional, qualified and responsible TCM practitioner who has experience in the Chinese medicine industry for more than ten years, mastering a wide range of knowledge, skills and being a proven expert in TCM who is holding:

Doctor’s degree of TCM (Shanghai University of TCM)

Full member of Acupuncture NZ (Previous NZRA)

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine NCCAOM (U.S.A)

Deputy Chief Physician of TCM (Specialist in Internal CM) (P.R.China)

Physician Qualification (Specialist in CM) from 2004 (P.R.China)

Executive Director of 1st Board of Specialty Committee of Tongue Research   WFCMS

He has worked in China as a registered physician mainly using TCM methods to treat patients for several years. Now he is working at NZCCM as a TCM lecturer and clinical supervisor who is mainly teaching fundamental and classic theories as well as clinical knowledge of CM.

As a TCM practitioner, he specializes in treating diseases such as asthma, cough, headache, insomnia, lumbago, digestive disorders, chronic weakness, female disorders, and pain of the body by employing Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture.