Dr Dandan Yu

Dandan Yu – Lecturer – Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Qualifications and work experience

  • PHD TCM Orthopaedics & Traumatology Fujian University of TCM
  • PhD research topic: effects of GUILUERXIANJIAO formula and its sub formula on proliferation and apoptosis of chondrocytes from rats (Effects of a TCM herbal formula on cartilage and arthritis)
  • Lecturer, clinical supervisor and researcher at Overseas Education College Fujian University of TCM in China 2000-2008
  • Lecturer of Basic Theory of TCM, Location, TCM Acupressure, TCM Health Maintenance, Eight-Length Brocade, Chinese Medicine research, and clinical supervisor at NZCCM
  • Dandan was a researcher and teacher, clinical supervisor and interpreter for undergraduate and foreign students at the Overseas Education College at Fujian University. She has nearly 20 years teaching experience
  • Leading member of the research activity of an overview of literature pertaining to Type II Diabetes treatment options incorporating acupuncture as conceptualised by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in NZCCM
  • Proficient in Chinese Gongfu, particularly in Taiji Boxing and Taiji Sword. Won the championship for Taiji Boxing and Sword three times in the National University Gongfu Competitions and Traditional Health Sports Competitions of TCM Universities in China.
  • Current member of NZCMAS, Council Member of WFCMS Speciality Committee and Working Committee
  • Published 8 research papers and conference articles and contributed to 2 textbooks. See Research page NZCCM website for further information about research, publications and presentations (click here)