Vahideh Toossi

Vahideh Toossi – Lecturer – Clinical Supervisor  vahideh

Qualifications and work experience

  • 100hrs clinical practise of acupuncture at Beijing Academy of Chinese Medicine; PhD in Clinical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) ; Medical Doctor (MD) (Mashhad University of Medical Sciences ); TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).
  • Lecturer of Biomedical Sciences and Clinical supervisor
  • Course moderator for Biomedical Sciences
  • Past experience teaching medical terminology at Jahad Daneshgahi University
  • Past work experience practising western medicine and acupuncture in Mashhad (Iran), Kyrenia and Nicosia Nth Cyprus.  
  • Member of the Society of Iranian Medical Practitioners
  • Co author of 2 research articles from MD thesis on how to enhance clinical exms for medical students
  • Contributor to a Korean Lecturers research article on how to alleviate Dysmenorrhea with acupuncture and Oriental medicine
  • Two research articles orally presented and published during the 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine 2016
  • Translation of Henry Lu’s Legendary Chinese Healing Herbs to Persian